Qur Tul Ain
Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Bahauddin Zakariya, Multan, Pakistan
  • Review Article   
    Anti-diabetic activity of some medicinal plants
    Author(s): Muhammmad Arif Saleemm* and Qur Tul Ain Diabetes mellitus is generally present chronic disease and a necessary reason for death in many countries. Even with progress in the medical management of the syndrome, it is not easy to control the delayed complication of diabetes. The disease is spreading day by day. The main trait element of diabetes is hyperglycemia, which reflects the drop in the use of glucose due to a poor reaction to insulin discharge. Many plants are used to cure diabetes because of the antidiabetic action. Hypoglycemic and anti hyperglycemic actions have been saved with abundant plants, a lot of which is worn as an established herbal treatment of diabetes. A huge number of substances obtained from plants that suggest antidiabetic potential, while others may affect in hypoglycemia as a bad result due to their toxicity, mainly their hepatotoxicity. This review shows th.. Read More»

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