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Welcome to the African Journal of Diabetes Medicine. Many of you will have known the title under its former name of Diabetes International

The African Journal of Diabetes Medicine is a Bi-Annual Journal which publishes articles on all aspects of diabetes medicine and practice, from all health professionals, medical and non-medical. The philosophy of the journal is to be both an outlet for original research, as well as a forum for educational review articles. Above all, we want African Journal of Diabetes Medicine to be practical and relevant to health professionals.

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Type 2 diabetes, the most common form, and is becoming more prevalent owing to rising rates of obesity, physical inactivity and urbanisation. Type 1 diabetes exists in two major forms in the region: type 1A or autoimmune and type 1B or ketosis-prone type 2 diabetes. At present there are scanty epidemiological data on either. The current morbidity of diabetes is primarily due to the high rates of microvascular complications, while macrovascular complications, once rare, are becoming more common, particularly in the urban setting.

The disease burden needs to be addressed. Research in Africa needs to be encouraged, especially by Africans. AJDM can hopefully act as a platform for publication of this. This site will initially just provide access to the journal. But in time we intend it to become a key portal for information and resources on diabetes in Africa.

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