MAY 2018

Neuroendocrine mechanisms of early remission of type 2 diabetes in bariatric surgery: a review article. I Cheruiyot, B Ngure and B Ndung’u pdf (843kb)

Childhood obesity protocol: a Nigerian adaptation. OO Jarrett, AO Oluleye and AM Ogunbode pdf (567kb)

Knowledge of dietary and medical management of type-2 diabetes in an urban and rural community of Delta State Nigeria. Agofure O, Efegbere AH, Odje AE pdf (740kb)

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy and its risk factors in a Nigerian population with type 2diabetes mellitus. F Salawu, L Shadrach, T Adenle, O Martins, D Bukbuk pdf (658kb)

Health service utilisation and attitude of healthcare providers towards women suffering from diabetes mellitus in Kiambu County, Kenya. L W Mwaura, S Wandibba, C O Olungah pdf (345kb)

Pulmonary function abnormalities and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – a cross-sectional study. S Philip, A Basheer, K Thomas, R Kandasamy, K H Kisku pdf (456kb)

Blood glucose profile in acutely ill children, Abobo North General Hospital, Côte d’Ivoire. T Soro-Coulibaly, A Oduwole, A Tayo, C De Beaufort,E Oyenussi, J Abodo, M Kouame pdf (754kb)

Hyperglycaemic emergency and type of diabetes mellitus – a case report. RN Oputa, C Ekwueme, P Obi, AC Anyanwu, O Madueke pdf (546kb)

November 2017

Contents pdf (1.20mb)

Lancet Commission findings. pdf (247kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (152kb)

May 2017

Front cover pdf (393kb)

Contents pdf (1.20mb)

Keeping diabetes on TRACK in resource-limited settings: the Zimbabwe experience. R Woodward and A Matimba pdf (740kb)

Comparative evaluation of carotid intima-media thickness in paediatric type 1 diabetic children and healthy children in Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria. A C Nuhu, A M Agunloye, O O Jarrett, and A Oduwole pdf (1.40mb)

Association between serum insulin and uric acid concentrations in type 2 diabetic subjects in Nigeria. Y P Mamza, B R Aladeusi, R M Gali, D S Mshelia, R Y Genesis, and S A Habu pdf (559kb)

Vitamin D supplementation improves insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes subjects in Lagos, Nigeria. A C Anyanwu, O A Fasanmade, H A B Coker, and A E Ohwovoriole pdf (636kb)

Effect of distance on access to health services among women with type 2 diabetes in a rural community in Kenya. L W Mwaura, S Wandibba, and C O Olungah pdf (563kb)

Effectiveness of a targeted education module for healthcare professionals attending a diabetic retinopathy training session in Zimbabwe. R Woodward and A Matimba pdf (593kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (152kb)

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November 2016

Front cover pdf (389kb)

Contents pdf (505kb)

In the News pdf (437kb)

A review of self-management of diabetes in Africa S C Iregbu and F U Iregbu pdf (478kb)

Prevalence, risk factors and awareness of hyperglaemia in Mafia Island, Tanzania M S Muhamedhussein, K P Manji, and Z I Nagri pdf (589kb)

Keto-acidosis at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in Lagos, South-West Nigeria: the pattern over 10 years E E Oyenusi, N T L Nwaogu, and A O Oduwole pdf (6236kb)

Mortality among type 2 diabetic in-patients in a Nigeria tertiary hospital J E Ojobi, G Odoh, E Aniekwensi, and J Dunga pdf (691kb)

Prevalence of overweight and obesity among secondary school adolescents in an urban area of Lagos, Nigeria I J Akinola, O O Jarrett, A O Oduwole, I O Senbanjo, O F Njokanma, and A D Rogol pdf (1.32mb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (152kb)

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May 2016

Front cover pdf (398kb)

Contents pdf (816kb)

In the News pdf (445kb)

Overview of childhood diabetes mellitus U I Umar pdf (6431kb)

Physical disability and functional impairment resulting from type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa: a systemic review D Ganu, N Fletcher, and N K Caleb pdf (586kb)

Prevalence of diabetes and its associated risk factors in south-western Uganda Dickson pdf (1.06mb)

A qualitative study of healthcare professionals’ perceived trust in and willingness to recommend alternative medicines for the management of diabetes mellitus M F Mahomoodally, C D Ruhee, and T F M Holmes pdf (520kb)

Prevalence of hyperglycaemia in children seen at a paediatric emergency unit U I Umar pdf (665kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (115kb)

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November 2015

Front cover pdf (368kb)

Contents pdf (1.46mb)

In the News pdf (455kb)

Cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected patients: a focus on diabetes mellitus and hypertension? S E Isa pdf (511kb)

Gall bladder volume and contractility in type 2 diabetes mellitus C A Ugbaja, O O Ayoola, R T Ikem, and B M Idowu pdf (831kb)

Foeto-maternal outcome of diabetes in a tertiary health facility in Nigeria C O John, J O Alegbeleye, and A O Otoide pdf (722kb)

The impact of religion and culture on diabetes care in Nigeria H Adejumo, O Odusan, O Sogbein, N Laiteerapong, M Dauda, and O Ahmed pdf (539kb)

Compliance with diabetic retinopathy screening in a Nigerian tertiary hospital O H Onakpoya, B A Kolawole, A O Adeoye, and O A Okunoye pdf (530kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (152kb)

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May 2015

Front cover pdf (115kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (521kb)

In the News pdf (210kb)

The use of oral hypoglycaemic agents in gestational diabetes: A Ernest and B Mpondo pdf (421kb)

Diabetes in Nigeria - a translational medicine approach: R N Oputa and S Chinenye pdf (628kb)

Prevalence of prediabetes in secondary school students in Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Jaja T, Oduwole A O, Fetuga B, and Abdus-Salam I A pdf (555kb)

Knowledge and impact of diabetes in patients in a tertiary clinic in Southeast Nigeria: E O Achigbu, R N Oputam K I Achigbu, and I U Ahuche pdf (534kb)

Age at diagnosis and duration of type 2 diabetes seen in Benin City, Nigeria: A E Edo, G O Edo, O A Ohenhen, N P Ekhator, and W C Ordiah pdf (493kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (152kb)

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November 2014

Front cover pdf (126kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (312kb)

In the News pdf (197kb)

Type 2 diabetes mellitus and thyroid dysfunction: an intertwined duo A Nicholas pdf (276kb)

The Melbourne Declaration on Diabetes: A Sanders pdf (207kb)

Non-medical management practices for type 2 diabetes in a teaching hospital in southern Nigeria: A R Isara, L Omonigho and D O Olaoye pdf (414kb)

Family history as a risk for early-onset type 2 diabetes in Kenyan patients: G N Kiraka, N Kunyiha, R Erasmus, P J Ojwang pdf (435kb)

Knowledge and awareness of diabetes among adolescents in Port Harcourt, Nigeria: B A N Okoh and T Jaja pdf (415kb)

Hyperglycaemic emergencies in pregnancy: case reports and literature review: RN Oputa and NA Ododo pdf (462kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (146kb)

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May 2014

Front cover pdf (486kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (623kb)

In the News pdf (232kb)

Patient-centered care in diabetology: sub-Saharan African perspectives S Chinenye, A O Ogbera, and S Kalra pdf (401kb)

Diabetes education: strategy for improving diabetes care in Nigeria T H Raimi, O C Alebiosu, J O Adeleye, W O Balogun, B A Kolawole, O B Familoni, R T Ikem, O F Adesina, O Odusan, S A Oguntona, T Olunuga, and O Ogunsemi pdf (715kb)

Glycaemic control and glucose-lowering therapy in diabetic patients with kidney
B Mpondo pdf (297kb)

Choosing an insulin regime: a developing country perspective S Kalra and Y Gupta pdf (330kb)

Prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in the contralateral limb of unilateral diabetic amputees Y A Sibidla pdf (354kb)

Problems associated with treatment compliance among type 2 diabetic patients at a tertiary health institution in Nigeria J C Nwaokoro, B E Okokon, A A Nwaokoro, C O Emerole, S N O Ibe, V A Onwuliri, R N Oputa, and U M Chukwuocha pdf (337kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (137kb)

Read this issue in full pdf (1.77mb)

November 2013

Front cover pdf (1.46mb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (884kb)

In the News pdf (671kb)

Gestational diabets mellitus: a clinical challenge in Africa
R N Oputa and E A Nzeribe pdf (295kb)

Type 1 diabetes in Kenya: treatment options and emerging trends
L Tirop pdf (862 kb)

Diabetes prevention and management: the role of trace minerals
I K Akhuemokhan, A Eregie, and O A Fasanmade pdf (806kb)

The metabolic syndrome in an elite African community
B O Emma-Okon, A A Onayade, and A O Adegoke pdf (959kb)

Diabetes in older adults: experience from a rural community in south-east Nigeria
M M Mezie-Okoye pdf (928kb)

Obituary: Prof Jemal Abdulkadir pdf (1.02mb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (122kb)

May 2013

Front cover pdf (505kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (323kb)

Diabetes in Africa: the dark tunnel
A Assayed pdf (332kb)

Can modification of the gut microbiome with diet affect the onset and pathogenesis of diabetes
M K Ray and S A Ray pdf (351kb)

Clinical profile of childhood type 1 diabetes in Jos, Nigeria
C John, I I Abok, and C Yilgwan pdf (295kb)

Pattern of diabetic mortality in a tertiary health facility in south-eastern Nigeria
B U Aguocha, J O Ukpabi, U U Onyeonoro, P Njoku, and A U Ukegbu pdf (353kb)

Characteristics of patients admitted with diabetes in Maseru, Lesotho
K H Thinyane and C E Theketsa pdf (351kb)

Risk factors for diabetic foot ulcers in type 2 diabetes: a case control study, Nyeri, Kenya
J M Kibachio, J Omolo, Z Muriuki, R Juma, L Karugu, and Z Ng’ang’a pdf (369kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (122kb)

November 2012

Front cover pdf (1.02mb)

In the news pdf (195kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (411kb)

HIV and diabetes
M J A Reid, B M Tsima, and B Kirk pdf (380kb)

Diabetes mellitus: a global epidemic with potential solutions
R N Oputa and S Chinenye pdf (332kb)

Serum copper and zinc levels in Nigerian type 2 diabetic patients
O O Olaniyan, M A M Awonuga, A F Ajetunmobi, I A Adeleke,
O J Fagbolade, K O Olabiyi, B A Oyakanmi, and H B Osadolor
[includes Letter to the Editor] pdf (321kb)

Clinical patterns and complications of African diabetes patients: preliminary data from KUTH, Rwanda
G J Rudasingwa, E Amendezo, and M Twagirumukiza pdf (322kb)

Prevalence and factors associated with microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetic patients in Tanzania
S Ghosh, I Lyaruu, and K Yeates pdf (366kb)

Is Hba1c testing in Nigeria only for the rich?
O F Adesina, A O Oduniyi, A O Olutunde, M O Ogunlana,
J O Ogunkoya, B A Alalade, S M Otubogun, and A C Adesina pdf (196kb)

Guidance for Authors pdf (122kb)

May 2012

Front cover pdf (309kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (351kb)

Letter to the Editor pdf (132kb)

Psychosocial aspects of diabetes mellitus
E E Young and C N Unachukwu pdf (223kb)

Severe hyperglycaemic complications of diabetes
R N Oputa pdf (320kb)

Conference Report: 6th Joint EASD/ADA/IDF Advanced Clinical Postgraduate Course in the Management of Diabetes and its Complications
Prof Geoff Gill pdf (757kb)

Lower limb amputation in diabetic foot disease: experience in a tertiary hospital in southern Nigeria
N E Ngim, W O Ndifon, A M Udosen, I A Ikpeme, and E Isiwele pdf (282kb)

Blood glucose and serum lipid profiles during pregnancy
C N Ekhator and M I Ebomoyi pdf (287kb)

Undiagnosed diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance among hypertensive patients in Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda
E Mutebi, F N Nakwagala, A Nambuya and M Otim pdf (431kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (122kb)

November 2011

Front cover pdf (757kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (321kb)

Ensuring universal access to insulin – the International Insulin Foundation position statement
G Gill, J Yudkin, H Keen, and D Beran pdf (738kb)

Diabetic foot care and prevention in Senegal: adding an extra dimension to the Step-by-Step model
K Slootmaeckers, K Van Ackier, and M N Mbaye pdf (689kb)

Exploring the literature of diabetes in Nigeria: a bibliometrics study
Y I Harande pdf (675kb)

Cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetic patients in Libreville, Gabon
A F Ovono, S Bekale, J Fernandez, B A Mbang, and E Ngou-Milama pdf (205kb)

Glucose-lowering effects of Momordica charantia in healthy rats
D M Matheka, T B Kiama, F O Alkizon, and F Bukachi pdf (191kb)

Importance of accurate food measurement and physical exercise on BMI and glycaemic control in obese type 2 diabetic patients
G T Fadupin and O A Akinola pdf (346kb)

Guidance for Authors pdf (139kb)

May 2011

Front cover pdf (235kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (260kb)

Factors associated with self-monitoring of glycaemic control among persons with diabetes in Benin City, Nigeria pdf (223kb)

Knowledge, attitude, and practices related to diabetes among community members in four provinces in Kenya: a cross-sectional study pdf (237kb)

Chronic tropical pancreatitis with diabetes in a resource-poor setting pdf (148kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (139kb)

November 2010

Front cover pdf (262kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (300kb)

Type 1 diabetes in the tropics: the protective effects of environmental factors pdf (192kb)

The variable African diabetic phenotype: tales from the north and the south pdf (211kb)

Footcare practices among Nigerian diabetic patients presenting with foot gangrene pdf (336kb)

Diabetes research news pdf (101kb)

Diabetic foot ulcers following rat bites pdf (196kb)

Weight and household measures of cooked Nigerian staple foods according to calories pdf (249kb)

July 2010

Front cover pdf (724kb)

Diabetes international news pdf (108kb)

Contents/editorial pdf (296kb)

PLEASE NOTE: A sub-Saharan African perspective of diabetes' was originally published in Diabetologia 2009; 52: 8-16 and is therefore not available on this website

Diabetes research news pdf (86kb)

Variants in PPARG, KCNJ11, TCF7L2, FTO, and HHEX genes in South African subjects of Zulu descent with type 2 diabetes pdf (238kb)

School education and future glycaemic control of type 2 diabetes in Africa pdf (174kb)

November 2009

20th World Congress of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) pdf (175kb)

Bacteriological evaluation of diabetic ulcers in Nigeria pdf (220kb)

Food exchange lists of local foods in Nigeria pdf (217kb)

Hypoclycaemia unawareness and falls in older adults with type 2 diabetes pdf (173kb)

Insulin resistance in HIV disease: aetiopathogenesis and treatment pdf (154kb)

Is screening for type 2 diabetes worthwhile in adolescents and young adults in developing countries? pdf (304kb)

The global pandemic of diabetes pdf (1.40mb)

May 2009

Annual meeting of the Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa pdf (121kb)

Diabetes International News pdf (70kb)

Diabetic complications and glycaemic control in remote North Africa pdf (240kb)

Knowledge, awareness, and impact of diabetes among adolescents in Uyo, Nigeria pdf (166kb)

National diabetes screening programmes pdf (185kb)

Screening and identifying diabetic patients at risk of foot ulceration: use of the Semes–Weinstein monofilament pdf (456kb)

The Rapid Assessment Protocol for Insulin Access (RAPIA): research for action on access to diabetes care pdf (187kb)

November 2008

African Journal of Diabetes medicine news pdf 69kb

Insulin access in the developing world: problems and solutions pdf 688kb

The foetal origins hypothesis,diabetes, and other chronic diseases pdf 185kb

Dietary management of diabetes: a practical approach for primary care physicians in Nigeria pdf 110kb

A 7-year retrospective study of diabetesrelated deaths in a Nigerian tertiary hospital pdf 161kb

Risk of developing diabetes among healthcare workers in a Nigerian tertiary hospital pdf 146kb

Prevalence and types of sexual dysfunction among males with diabetes in Nigeria pdf 161kb

May 2008

The role of pharmacists in the management of hypertensive diabetic patients pdf (93kb)

Association between glycaemic control and erectile dysfunction amongst Nigerian diabetic patients pdf (157kb)

Hypertension in Nigerians with type 2 diabetes: a multicentre survey pdf (136kb)

Glycaemic response to different preparations of yam in diabetic and non-diabetic Nigerians pdf (298kb)

Does diabetic mastopathy exist in north-eastern Nigeria? pdf (87kb)

Diabetic heart disease: risk factors and pathogenesis pdf (149kb)

A practical diabetes education programme for rural Africa pdf (415kb)

African Journal of Diabetes Medicine News pdf (1.15mb)

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