Jenny S Jimenez
Department of Internal Medicine, Rush University, USA
  • A Cross sectional study   
    Diabetes Connect: A Diabetes SelfManagement Education And Support (Dsme/S) Program for Saint Anthony Hospital Community
    Author(s): Jenny S Jimenez* Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate nationwide affecting mostly minorities. In fact, Saint Anthony Hospital (SAH) community in Chicago has a significant increase of diabetes prevalence from 8% in 2009 to 17% in 2015. SAH predominantly serves Hispanics (49%) followed by African-Americans (26%). Also, population assessment and chart reviews conducted in collaboration with SAH key stakeholders shows a high rate of uncontrolled diabetes (blood glucose of >212 mg/dl) and has led to increased emergency department visits. Purpose: A diabetic wellness and education program following American Diabetes Association guidelines has been developed to address the problem with a focus on diabetes self-management education and support (DSME/S). Methods: DSME/S is the delivery of knowledge, skills and capacity needed for diabetes self-care with support for achieving and sustaining b.. Read More»

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