A decade anti-diabetic potential of murraya koenigii (curry leaf): A narrative review

Diabetes is a widely known disease, which afflicts millions of people annually and is considered one of the leading culprits of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Researchers are making an enormous effort to propose more efficient remedies for the better amelioration of the disease. On the other hand, the public interest in the consumption of herbal medicine for therapeutic purposes is rocketing and the use of these drugs is becoming ubiquitous. Murraya koenigii MK is a tropical tree, originally found in the Indian subcontinent, which is an indispensable piece of the Indian diet and has multipotent medicinal capabilities. The variety of its leaves’ hypoglycemic characteristics has been investigated via human, animal, and in vitro studies. This review intends to elaborate on the latest knowledge about the anti-diabetic and hypoglycemic effects of MK in the hope of easing the further application of MK in the alleviation of the diabetes signs and symptoms.

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