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November 2017

From the Journals pdf (404kb)

Contents pdf (1.20mb)

Diabetes mellitus Nigeria. O A Oridupa and A B Saba pdf (202kb)

Diabetes and pre-diabetes among police officers in Guinea-Bissau. J Lindman, K Ström, A Biague, Z J Da Silva, K Jakobsson, H Norrgren, F Månsson, and the SWEGUB CORE group pdf (202kb)

Diabetes in Ethiopia. N Abebe, T Kebede, and D Addise pdf (281kb)

Roles of microorganisms. T Yahaya, I O Obaroh, and E O Oldele pdf (182kb)

Hyperglycaemic emergencies. O Olugbemide, I Bankole, K Akhuemokhan, and P Adunbiola pdf (223kb)

Lancet Commission findings. pdf (247kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (152kb)

Read this issue in full pdf (1.03mb)

Africa Health

May 2017

Front cover pdf (393kb)

From the Journals pdf (404kb)

Contents pdf (1.20mb)

Keeping diabetes on TRACK in resource-limited settings: the Zimbabwe experience. R Woodward and A Matimba pdf (740kb)

Comparative evaluation of carotid intima-media thickness in paediatric type 1 diabetic children and healthy children in Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria. A C Nuhu, A M Agunloye, O O Jarrett, and A Oduwole pdf (1.40mb)

Association between serum insulin and uric acid concentrations in type 2 diabetic subjects in Nigeria. Y P Mamza, B R Aladeusi, R M Gali, D S Mshelia, R Y Genesis, and S A Habu pdf (559kb)

Vitamin D supplementation improves insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes subjects in Lagos, Nigeria. A C Anyanwu, O A Fasanmade, H A B Coker, and A E Ohwovoriole pdf (636kb)

Effect of distance on access to health services among women with type 2 diabetes in a rural community in Kenya. L W Mwaura, S Wandibba, and C O Olungah pdf (563kb)

Effectiveness of a targeted education module for healthcare professionals attending a diabetic retinopathy training session in Zimbabwe. R Woodward and A Matimba pdf (593kb)

Guidance to Authors pdf (152kb)

Read this issue in full pdf (2.48mb)

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