Editorial - African Journal of Diabetes medicine (2021)

Short note on diabetes
Department of Medicine, Federal Medical Center, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author:

Adama F, Department of Medicine, Federal Medical Center, Nigeria, Email: [email protected]

Received Date: Aug 02, 2021 / Accepted Date: Aug 18, 2021 / Published Date: Aug 25, 2021


The African journal of diabetes medicine is an international peer reviewed journals which publishes all types of short communications, research articles, commentaries, editorials etc. it covers all the areas regarding diabetes like pre diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia etc. all this journal try to do is to make this African journal of diabetic medicine to be helpful to the health professionals. This journal majorly encourages the Africans to do research it acts as a best platform to explore their research work. The African journal of diabetes medicine is also indexed in ISI and euro pub. As we all know diabetes is a health condition where it affects the mechanism of converting food into energy whenever the sugar level goes up the total mechanism of conversion gets disturbed the early stages and signs of diabetes are sudden weight loss, getting fatigue, more hunger, blurry vision, normal person regularly pee for 6 to 7 times a day but diabetic patients will go more because as the sugar level increases the kidney function despot work properly. Due to this irregular kidney functioning the body make more urine and we can observe a dry mouth because all the fluids are turning into make pee so there is no moisture for other things so dehydration takes place and also due to different fluid levels I the body the eye vision also changes the lenses in the eye get swell up they change their shape and the cant focus.

There are different types of diabetes coming to pre diabetes it is the condition where your blood sugar is higher than it is but it is not as high as to diagnose by the doctor this pre diabetes doesn’t show any symptoms and it is also cured by proven lifestyle changes and we have to habituate some food habits like we have to avoid solid fats processed meat white bread pasta rice sweets cakes candies ice creams pastries pies cookies fried foods etc. it is not that much easy to reverse the health condition it takes years to normalize the diabetes condition.

Another type is gestational diabetes where it can be observed during the pregnancy time. During pregnancy sometimes the sugar the symptoms are getting hungry usually, thirstier, pee more than usual getting over weight before getting pregnant having miscarriage in order to control this one should follow a healthy diet making exercise as habit swimming, walking, biking are good options get active as soon as possible and get the right parental care.

Another type is hypoglycaemia is a condition where your blood sugar is lower than the normal sugar the symptoms of hypoglycaemia are shakiness, dizziness, fast heartbeat , confusion, in ability to concentrate confusion, hunger etc. we have to avoid such things like avoid insulin injecting directly give glucagon shouldn’t give fluids are food another type is hyper glycaemia which means high sugar in the blood it can cause vomiting excessive hunger thirst rapid heartbeat vision problems etc. untreated hyperglycaemia can lead to serious health problems.

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