A Cross sectional study - African Journal of Diabetes medicine (2021)

2nd Annual Summit on Diabetes, Obesity and Heart
1Department chair Texas women’s university, Dallas, USA

*Corresponding Author:

Lynn Romejko Jacobs, Department chair Texas women’s university, USA, Email: lromejko@smu.edu

Published: 27-Mar-2021



The award should motivate individuals to strive to realize their fullest potential which could, in turn, be beneficial to the field as a whole. Epic works are not only a testament to the individual’s efforts, but they also have the potential to change the whole world as they can lead to the formulation of better policies and or a new mindset.

The marks are given by the evaluation committee and the Conference Chair will be used to determine the recipients of these awards, and works with the highest marks shall be recommended for the following awards:

The Best Oral Presentations Award

The Best YRF Award

Session’s Best Presentation Award

The Best Poster Presentations Award

Best Poster Award

The best poster presentations are presented at the Diabetes Summit 2020 Meeting. Posters are judged by members of the Diabetes Summit 2020 Conference Organizing Committee and scientific rigor, field participation, relevance to the theme of the conference, and overall presentation are considered.

Best Keynote Presentation

Keynote speakers, renowned experts in Diabetes, Obesity and Heart, set the tone for various sections of the annual conference. Presentation Awards are given to honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the field and to foster active engagement to develop the field as a whole.

Best Young Research Forum Award

A registered student who is considered to have delivered the best student paper at the conference will receive the Best Student Paper Award. The award is based on the marks given to each student presentation by the assessment committee and the reading of the papers by the Conference Chair. The president of the conference and the selection committee must make the final decision as to who will receive this award.

Best Oral Performance Award

This award will be awarded throughout the conference for the most excellent performance. This takes into account factors such as the influence of the message and the motivation and authority of the speaker.

Best Video Presentation Award

Best Video Award the authors of each accepted paper will be asked to submit a short 1-minute video to introduce the research presented in their paper to the general public. These videos will be placed on the conference website up to two weeks before the conference and will be played during the conference. Create a video presentation (single or multiple videos) on a specific focus topic. Virtual presentations, such as webinars or video conferences, can pose unique challenges.

Session’s Best Award

This award is given to the paper that has been judged to be the best in each session. This is based on the marks given by the evaluation committee including each session chair, and two evaluation panel members for every presentation in a session. The Session Chair decides which presentation will receive the Session’s Best Paper Award.

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