Trajectories of lived experiences of people living with Diabetes Mellitus in Africa: An evidence mapping of conceptual framework

Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus remains a major public health problem in Africa in the last two decades. A new conceptual framework for studying and understanding trajectories of experiences of people with diabetes mellitus in Africa is presented.

Objective: The paper examines all known factors influencing the trajectories of lived experiences of persons with diabetes and how these factors interact with each other at micro and macro levels. Methods: A systematic mapping of peer reviewed literature (n=61) conducted in Africa and published between 01/01/1990 and 31/12/2020 was utilised.

Results: Using a conceptual framework, we synthesised the factors influencing trajectories of lived experiences of diabetes in Africa, grouped into six domains: diabetes risk factors, socio demographic characteristics, individual level experiences, household/family level experiences, community/society level experiences and national level experiences.

Conclusion: This framework can be used to test hypotheses about facilitators and barriers to health care seeking behaviour. As well as understand how trajectories of lived experience of diabetes might be influenced by policy or practice. Research based on understanding of trajectories is expected to improve diabetes patient’s experiences and outcome in diabetes management and care in Africa.

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