Gall bladder volume and contractility in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Author(s): C A Ugbaja, O O Ayoola, R T Ikem, B M Idowu

The aim of this study was to sonographically evaluate gall bladder changes in type 2 diabetes. One hundred type 2 diabetic subjects (50 with neuropathy and 50 without neuropathy) and 50 healthy controls underwent sonographic evaluation of the gall bladder. Fasting and postprandial gall bladder volumes (FGBV and PPGBV) were measured, and the gall bladder contractility index (GBCI) calculated. The presence of gallstones was also noted. It was found that patients with diabetic neuropathy had a significantly higher FGBV and PPGBV, and lower GBCI, compared with diabetic patients without neuropathy; PPGBV and GBCI also differed significantly from non-diabetic controls. Gallstones were present in 22% of diabetic patients with neuropathy, in 10% of those without neuropathy, and in 8% of controls. We conclude that diabetic patients with neuropathy have significant abnormalities of gall bladder function, presumably due to autonomic nerve dysfunction. These patients also have a higher prevalence of gallstones, suggesting that ultrasound screening may be worthwhile.


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