Evaluation of functional training along with online nutritional education on autistic children's metabolic status during Covid-19 pandemic-A randomized clinical trial

Physical inactivity and poor dietary pattern are considered as health related challenges in ASD (ASD) which seems to be affected by Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this clinical trial was to investigate the effect of functional training along with online nutritional education on metabolic related biomarkers in children with ASD. 80 verified children with ASD (age=9.73 ± 1.29, weight=49.94 ± 2.08 kg, stature=146.08 ± 40 cm, BMI percentile= 64.88 ± 2.89, FM percentage+24.71 ± 1.48) were randomly divided into four groups including: (1) functional training, (2) online nutritional education, 3) training+ education and 4) control group. Pre-test was taken for metabolic related biomarkers and each experimental group received their interventions for 8 weeks. Post-test was taken at the end of 8 weeks. The results from this study, did not show significant changes for WHR (sig=0.06). Significant changes was indicated for FM (sig?0.001), TC(sig?0.001), TG (sig=0.006), HDL (sig?0.001), LDL (sig=0.001), HOMA (sig=0.04). In conclusion, functional training and online nutritional education can be considered as beneficial interventions for metabolic related biomarkers improvement in children with ASD during Covid-19 pandemic.

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