Diabetic foot ulcer following a rat bite: A case report

Diabetic foot ulcers are associated with significant morbidity and mortality in individuals living with diabetes mellitus. It is also a leading cause of non-traumatic amputation worldwide. The most important predisposing factor for diabetic foot ulcer is peripheral neuropathy. Precedent events leading to diabetic foot ulcers include trauma, wearing of tight, fitting shoes and burns. Rat bites are an uncommon but important cause of ulcer in patients living with diabetes, especially in low socio-economic strata like Nigeria. The patient living with diabetes described here was from a rural setting and presented to us with foot ulcers secondary to rat bites. Rat bites are a very preventable cause/predisposing factor for foot ulcers and patients need to be more enlightened on measures to reduce the occurrence of foot ulcers as a result of rat bites and in addition, a good knowledge of daily foot examination by the patient.

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