Compliance with diabetic retinopathy screening in a Nigerian tertiary hospital
Author(s): O H Onakpoya, B A Kolawole, A O Adeoye, and O A Okunoye

There is little information on default rates and reasons for retinal screening in diabetes. We prospectively studied 179 type 2 diabetic patients referred for screening at a tertiary Nigerian medical centre. Defaulting occurred in 100 patients, i.e. over half (56%). Defaulting was associated with not having had a previous eye examination (p=0.027) and either a short (<1 year) or medium (6–10 year) duration of diabetes (p=0.001). Location of residence, level of education, diabetes treatment, age and gender did not correlate with screening compliance. We recommend that screening be carried out as soon as possible after diagnosis, which may improve future compliance.


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