A low power optimized wearable insulin delivery system
Author(s): Anchana P Belmon*

Diabetes patients are likely increasing day by day in the recent years due to many factors. Patients mainly prefer artificial systems to provide insulin with a glucometer in an open loop insulin system. Among the commercially updated systems the most preferably used system is the hybrid closed loop system in high power computing power. In this paper a novel insulin delivery system with reduced energy and computation requirements are considered. The information regarding patient is done in the conventional manner using a continuous glucose sensor and insulin based pump. An embedded system connected to the pump and sensor will collect glucose data and process the data. The channel is connected radiofrequency signals. So the system cannot be connected to the processor which increases overall stability of the system. Based on the patient parameter configuration, automatic control should be made by the basal infusion rate of insulin bringing glycaemic level of patients to the target level. Simulated results are implemented in Uva/ Paduva simulator for the proposed algorithm.

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